Increasing sales and profitability are among the top concerns for every business owners.

Unfortunately actually doing it can be illusive.

Business Consulting Group can guide you to an effective, realistic marketing strategy that addresses these frequently asked marketing questions.

Don Draper Marketing Genius1. Who should I sell to?

By analyzing your current customers, competitors and market conditions we can pin point most likely users/customers for your product/service.

2. How will they know I am here?

Knowing your most likely customers enables us to determine the very best methods to communicate with them.  It could be as grand as television, a specifically targeted mailing, a personal sales visit or a modest door hanger.  The best way for your unique situation is the key.

3. What should my advertising say?

Figuring out what triggers a customer inquiry is the first question to answer.  We then create marketing messages that acknowledge and solve the initiating inquiry.

4. How do I know if it’s working?

Your marketing strategy is not a shot in the dark money pit.  Armed with the preceding answers we are able to quantify the responses our marketing will evoke; whether its web site visits, phone calls or sign ups.  We then measure the results versus our target and adjust if necessary. 

5. What if I get too many inquiries?

A “good” problem but a problem none the less.  Capacity planning and customer facing employee education is the key.  We know what we expect in terms of inquiries and subject matter.  So we can train our team to be able to not only answer those trigger inquiries but how to convert the inquiry into a sale.

BCG provides the focused effort, experience, and TIME that most medium to small size business owners just don’t have.  

Most business owners do not have all the experts that a Fortune 500 company has.  As a result they must wear many, many hats. It’s hard to be an expert in everything and most of us get help in areas vital to our success.

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